Terms and Conditions Stanleybet.ro



The terms and conditions for using the remote gambling platform Stanleybet (hereinafter referred to as "the site").

Important - please read the terms and conditions carefully, print and keep this document for future reference, this being also valid for all the transactions and confirmation e-mail, game rules and payment methods relevant for the use of the website. By using and continuing to use the website (including but not limited to ticking the "yes"/"I agree" boxes that may be presented occasionally), you confirm and it is considered that you have fully read and understood the terms and conditions of use and that you express your agreement to fully observe them. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of use, lease leave this website immediately.

The terms and conditions of use are subjected to amendments (as established below) and will be accessible only via the website.



References to the terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as "the terms") in this document will include:

  • the terms and conditions included in the document herein,

  • any individual rule applicable to the games and bets offered on the website and occasionally posted by us on the website, including guidelines in case of special events in the dedicated notification pages (hereinafter referred to as "rules");

  • any specific terms and conditions applicable to any bonus, promotion or any other offer referring to the website, occasionally;

  • the terms and conditions applicable to the separate confidentiality policy from the "data protection" section of this website;

  • any amendments occasionally brought by us to the above-mentioned.


The website is managed by STANLEYBET ROMANIA ONLINE LTD, licensed by the regulatory authority in charge with gambling activities in Romania, namely the National Office for Gambling Activities (hereinafter referred to as ONJN), to organize and exploit games and bets provided on and via the website (hereinafter referred to as "the services").


By registering online, according to section 5 below, and by continuing to access the website and use further services, you express your agreement with these terms and, subsequently, you conclude a legal agreement with the company. You therefore acknowledge that, in case of failure to meet the terms, you can be disqualified from the website, and any client account opened by you on the website can be suspended and/or closed, according to section 5 below ("account"). In case of any conflict between the terms and any other document mentioned above, the terms will be applied, except if the section is especially dismissed in another document.



You can register on the website only if (and you therefore hereby declare):

  • You are at least 18 years of age and at least the age where in your country of residence it is legal to access the Website and use the Services;

  • You are legally able to conclude an Agreement;

  • It is legal for you to use the Services in your country of residence or to access the Website and, notwithstanding the above, you are not a resident and/or you are not accessing the Website from USA or from any territories covered by the federal US law, from France or any French territory covered by the French law, Turkey, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Syria or Yemen (we are not allowed to register an Account for a person residing in any of the above-mentioned jurisdictions and we will not allow access to the Website from these jurisdictions, if possible);

You undertake to observe all the laws applicable to you regarding the use of Services.

You understand and fully accept that the Company cannot make any recommendations in regards to the above and that it is your sole responsibility to ensure the permanent observance of all the laws applicable to you, and that it is legal for you to use the Services. Any use of the Services is exclusively your choice and at your discretion and risk, and therefore the Website herein does not represent an offer, invitation or request from us for you to use the Services in any jurisdiction where it is illegal. We herein reserve the right to request a proof of residence from you, as we see fit in order to ensure your compliance with the above.



The Services are aimed at your personal entertainment and to non-professional use. Any other use of the Services is strictly prohibited. By registering on the Website according to the provisions of section 4, you will be able to access solely games and tours such as "gamble" or "demo game."


You must submit an amount of money before being able to "gamble."


At our absolute discretion we can amend the Website and the Services at any time (including but not limited to amendments brought to betting and gambling terms and/or odds), with the condition that these actions must not affect the undergoing games and that these amendments are only enforced after the approval thereof by ONJN's Supervisory Committee.

At our absolute discretion, we are entitled to either refuse opening an Account, or to close one at any time (on the condition of returning any funds submitted by you and subjected to other provisions of the Terms herein), and we are also entitled, at our absolute discretion, to refuse access or limit the amount betted on or through the Website.

Occasionally we may restrict your access to the Website or a part thereof for reasons of maintenance or amendment.


Although we do everything we can to ensure the accuracy of the Website, its update and the elimination of errors, this cannot be guaranteed at all times. Moreover, we cannot guarantee that the Website will be appropriate for any purpose. Any trust you put in the information on this Website is at your own risk.

Any content is solely provided for purposes of your general information and in order to notify you in relation to us, our products and updates, our characteristics, services and other websites that may be useful. It is not a technical, financial or legal guideline or any other kind of guideline and will not be considered a basis for any purpose. We may amend or update the information on this Website according to legal conditions without any notification.


We try to make sure the Website is available for your use, but there may be times when the Website is not available or is interrupted during use, for which we apologize. Please be aware that we may suspend or finish our operations on this Website at any time or whenever we see fit.


Once your bet is placed on the Website it can no longer be amended, withdrawn or cancelled by you.


We reserve the right, at our discretion, to cancel an event and limit/ refuse/ cancel any bets from your Account should there be any problems with the data used in order to manage an event or any other technical difficulties affecting the event.

In these circumstances we take no responsibility for your impossibility to place bets on the Website.


If your Account was blocked/ closed/ excluded or for any queries in regards to the Website and/or your Account, you may contact Client Relations at [email protected], which, among others, may help recover any funds to your Account.



In order to gain full access to our Website and use our Services, you will initially have to register for an Account by selecting a sole username and password, inserting other information that we request for the registration form, such as (but not limited to) full name, place of birth, address of residence, valid e-mail, date of birth, telephone number, personal numeric code / tax identification number if your fiscal residence is in Romania, as well as other information and documents, as we may request in order to check your identity, fiscal residence and address of residence (including but not limited to a copy of your passport, driver's license and/or ID, labor permit and a recent bank statement and/or a utility invoice).

The procedure for checking your data and identity is entitled "the KYC Procedure" and it must be completed within 30 days from the first deposit. If you do not complete the KYC Procedure within the term established by the law, your account will be closed and any amounts in the account will be transferred to the state budget.

The KYC Procedure may include the request to show ID, evidence in regards to your address, bank statements, utility invoices, statements as well as any other document or procedure deemed necessary for removing all doubts in regards to the identity of an account user.

"Client Information" includes any other personal data that you will provide occasionally.

You agree to only provide correct, complete and current information and you agree to update this information as required in order to keep it correct, complete and current. You may confirm or amend any details that you submitted during the registration process, and those incorrect will be notified to us for correction at e-mail address [email protected]. If you do not want us, our business partners and affiliates to use your Client Information in order to contact you for marketing purposes in regards to any goods and services provided by either, please send the proper notifications as part of the registration process, or alternatively, communicate this wish at [email protected].

Stanleybet is entitled to select its clients and refuse the opening of an account as it sees fit.






In order to place a bet or perform any gambling activity on the website in the "real money" mode, you must deposit money into your Account.


You may deposit money into your Account only by one of the methods accepted by us, and in accordance with the Terms herein. Contrarily, we reserve the right to treat any deposit as invalid and any winnings subsequent to such invalid deposits as null and void.


We will not apply any fee for depositing funds to your Account. Yet, please be aware that certain banks, financial institutions or payment service providers may collect a fee, and therefore you must have these amounts available before making a deposit.


The funds deposited into your Account will be available normally once the bank, financial institution or payment service provider authorizes the amount. Most times the authorization is instant, but you must take into account that payment methods such as bank transfer take longer to process.


The funds deposited into your Account carry no interest, as they are deposited as advance payment for the transactions you intend to make on the Website.


The minimum amount that you may submit to your account is Ron 20.


You may deposit funds only to your Account, for the sole purpose of placing bets in your name and on your behalf. The amounts deposited must be run at least once before any withdrawal.

Also, in case of depositing cash into your Account, you must prove your identity by presenting an ID (ID or passport) to be confronted with the details of your Account. Stanleybet reserves the right to suspend or close your Account if we have reasonable reasons to believe that you deposited funds without the intention of placing a bet.. In these circumstances, Stanleybet will return the funds deposited by you after the proper diligence requirements provided in 23 have been met. Moreover, Stanleybet may also report this to competent authorities, according to the applicable law.


It is your responsibility to notify us immediately if funds have been credited into your Account by infringement of the Terms and, in this case, you will be liable for any bets that you did not win placed using your Account subsequent to the use of funds wrongly credited into your Account and returned after.


Please keep in mind that it is illegal to submit funds coming from illegal sources into your Account. If we have reasons to believe that such deposit is or has been made, we will refuse to accept it and we will either return the funds to you or notify the law enforcement authorities.


All bank fees resulted from this return, reversal or cancellation will be deducted from your Account.


Stanleybet may refuse at any time the performance of fund deposit operations without providing any reasons. If you do not succeed to perform a deposit, please contact us.




According to the provisions of the Terms, the funds deposited or credited into your Account will remain in your Account except for the case in which you submit a withdrawal application (which will not exceed the balance that you are allowed to withdraw from the Account at the time of the application) in order for the funds to be transferred via the method of deposit used by you to deposit the funds into your Account. Withdrawal applications may be submitted via the "My Account" section on the Website.


For the observance of the provisions of anti-money laundry legislation, wherever possible, withdrawals will be processed by the same method and into the same account initially used for depositing funds into your Account. Should another withdrawal method be used, you must first make a deposit by that method and provide all the documents requested by us for the verification of the chosen payment method.

When the withdrawal of the funds from your Account is done by cash, you must prove your identity by presenting an ID (ID or passport) to be confronted with the details of your Account.

Where necessary, Stanleybet reserves the right to request additional information and documents from you in order to be able to perform the routine checks and authorize any alternative withdrawal method requested.

Such additional documents include:

  • a clear and eligible copy of the relevant bank card (front and back), only with the name on the card (where applicable) and the last four digits on the card visible. All the other information on the card will be covered before sending this copy to us (otherwise the copy will be destroyed by us and you will be required to send another copy).

  • copy of the bank statement indicating the relevant transaction.

  • Proof of identity (if it has not been provided).

Prior to the receipt of a withdrawal, the Accounts are subjected to security checks and audit procedures in order to prevent any potential fraud.


If we have reasonable reasons to believe that you have infringed the Terms, including but not limited to illegal request of bonuses, Stanleybet is entitled to suspend the involved accounts and confiscate the funds thereof in order to cover its losses.


Pursuant to the procedure established in the conditions and rules approved for the performance of the game, we will make payments to you no later than three (3) working days. If there are suspicions, before transferring the winnings we are entitled to perform, within ten (10) days, the checks that we see fit, and then make the payment or notify competent authorities. If such investigation requires more than ten (10) days to be completed, you will be notified.


A small number of cards, including Mastercard and Visa, do not allow us to pay back funds to the credit or debit card. Therefore, if you use one of these cards for your deposit, you will be notified when you try to withdraw, and we may facilitate that your funds be paid to a bank account of your choice (after receiving the additional information and documentation mentioned above).


After the approval by the bank, financial institution or payment service provider, we will debit or credit any transaction related to your Account immediately and you will be able to access immediately from your Account information related to your current balance, as well as all the other transactions carried out from your Account during the prior 90 days, including placed earnings, roll overs, deposits, supplementations, bonuses and withdrawals (regardless whether the transactions/bets have already been determined or are pending).


Also, you may visit the deposit/withdrawal FAQ page for any concerns you might have in regards to the deposits and withdrawals into/from your Account.



Occasionally we will provide bonuses as part of our promotional/marketing campaign.

More details on every bonus scheme will be published on the Website as they are introduced. Bonuses may be withdrawn only if the conditions have been met.

Bonus conditions regularly require that the bonuses are run a certain number of times, according to the terms and conditions of said offer.

Bonuses provided by us may only be used for gambling and not transferred or paid unless the relevant bonus conditions have been met.

All bonuses expire. If the relevant bonus conditions are not met by the relevant expiration date, we reserve the right to cancel or debit the bonus from your Account.

The terms and conditions of any bonus or promotion may provide the fact that the bonus or promotion is restricted to specific criteria: such criteria may include solely specific events, residents of certain regions or may only be valid for accounts operating in certain currencies. You will take into account the restrictions (if applicable) provided in the terms and conditions of said offer.


If a special event is cancelled and the bets are null, that bet will no longer contribute to the fulfillment of the bonus requests. Players who abuse the bonus system by any means may have their bonus cancelled, at our discretion. Finally, we reserve the right to amend or terminate a bonus or a promotion when we see fit.


Moreover, if we credited your Account with any bonus and you have not used that bonus within 90 days from this event, we reserve the right to recover that bonus and amend your Account without a prior notification.


The types of bonuses can be:

  • bonus cash subjected to running conditions;

  • free bets for certain events, minimum quotes or special conditions;

  • quote multiplier, according to the number of events on a ticket;

  • free rolls;

  • bet insurance;

  • stake returns.

Each type of bonus provided above will be defined and regulated by means of specific regulations that will include: the expiry conditions, the running conditions, the cancellation conditions, the granting conditions and any other specific conditions.



The name and other identity details that you provide in relation to your Account must correspond to your legal and true name, as well as other identity details. It is strictly prohibited to have more than one (1) account on the Website and on any of the distributed websites and gambling platforms; you must operate that Account and use that Website only for yourself and in your own benefit. You are not entitled to sell, purchase or transfer an Account from or to another (as the case may be). The infringement of the provisions above may lead to the suspension and termination of your Account, and to the seizure of the funds from the Account.




If you are an employee, advisor or agent of the Company or one of the groups of companies, sellers or suppliers, you are not allowed to register on the website or to use any of the Services, directly or indirectly ("Unauthorized Person").



You acknowledge herein that we or our suppliers are the owner of the license for all the intellectual property rights connected to the Website (including but not limited to copyright on the contents of the Website and the Stanleybet trade mark, the Stanleybet logo and all the other trademarks, service marks and trade names that we may use on the Website). They are protected by copyright, other international laws and treaties and all rights are reserved. You may print a copy or download excerpts of any page on the Website solely for your personal reference. You are not allowed to amend physical or digital copies of these materials that you printed or downloaded in other ways and you must not use any illustration, photo, video, audio or any graphic element separately from the text accompanying it. You cannot derive any other right from any of our intellectual property rights and you cannot use such without our written permission.



If for twelve (12) months no transactions are carried out on your Account we will close the Account and transfer your account balance to the same account from which the amounts were deposited, or if this is not possible (for instance because that account no longer exists), and if we cannot contact you in order to make arrangements for returning this money (by sending a notification within 5 working days to the e-mail address that you provided as part of your Client Information and we do not receive a confirmation of payment of the funds for one (1) year from the date of the notification), we will transfer this money to the state budget pursuant to the provisions of the law.



We firmly believe in responsible gambling and our duty thereof. For more details regarding our responsible gambling policy, please visit the "Responsible Gambling" section of the Website, which we undertake to follow. Our responsible gambling policy sets out complete details on how you can at any time and by simple notification apply a limitation of the amounts you bet, of the losses and deposits in relation to your Account, as well as the time you spend on your Account.



In time, most people gamble using their own means, but for some people gambling can become a problem. If you feel you have a gambling problem, we, as responsible gambling operator, provide you with the opportunity to "self-exclude" from the use of the Account Services, as well as the possibility to test yourself. For additional details regarding this possibility, please access the "Responsible Gaming" section on the Website, that we undertake to observe.



You remain fully responsible for any materials you choose to post or send in relation to any chat or similar facility available on the Website and Stanleybet takes no responsibility for any erroneous use by you. Especially, it is strictly prohibited to post or send to the Website any material:

  • That represents a threat, libel, obscenity, indecency, is seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, may instigate racial hatred, discrimination, sandal, is blasphemous, infringes privacy, trust, may offend, inconvenience or damage our reputation or that of parties working on our behalf.

  • For which you have not obtained all the required licenses and/or approvals.

  • Which represents or encourages behavior that may be considered criminal, which leads to civil liability or is contrary to the law, or goes against the rights of any third party, of any country of the world.

  • Which, from a technical standpoint, can be damaging (including but not limited to computer viruses, logical bombs, Trojans, worms, damaging components, corrupt data, other malware or damaging data).


You are not allowed to use the Website in an unintended manner (including but not limited to hacking), and we thus reserve the right to monitor the usage of the Website (including but not limited to any chat or similar facilities available on it). In relation to any chat or similar facilities available on the Website, you will be in agreement with the guidelines we publish periodically on this topic and you will not present personal information on it, copies or other use of personal information that others may publish on such facilities (we have the right to remove such information immediately without notification, but we are not liable for it in any case).


Any chat facility that we provide to our Website users in order to interact with each other will be used in accordance with the provisions stipulated in this section 13 solely by Website users and only as private entertainment (and not for business purposes), in order to interact with each other socially. All chats will be logged, registered and monitored by us. Any such chat facility is provided at our discretion and therefore your access to such facilities may be restricted, or the facility itself may be removed from the Website at any time (the most likely reason for such restrictions or removal being the materials posted or the constant infringement by certain Website users of the provisions herein). Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, when using any chat facility provided by the Website you must permanently observe the following:


Please be polite and courteous and not offend (including but not limited to phrases or language that is racist, misogynist or derogatory for certain religions) or act in an abusive, threatening or aggressive manner;

Do not use the chat function to send spam messages (unrequested information sent to multiple users) to other Website users and do not interrupt chats by scrolling;

Do not attempt at any time to impersonate an agent, manager or employee of Stanleybet or another Website user;

Do not post information that identifies you personally or allows other users to (because this can be detrimental or illegal for others), and do not seek a private conversation (e.g. other than via the Website chat facility) with other users that you only know via the Website.

Do not use the chat facility in order to conspire or seek to conspire in relation to the placement of bets on the Website with any other Website user.

We will cooperate with any law enforcement or court authorities asking or ordering us to disclose the identity or location of any post, any material infringement of section 14 and, notwithstanding, report to authorities any suspicious chat for additional investigation.


Any infringement of the above results in the suspension and/or cancellation of the Account.



You undertake to maintain the confidentiality of your Account username and password, as well as the confidentiality of other details regarding the secrecy of your Account, and thus not to allow another person to know of it or its use (except for our requirements or the requirements of those working on our behalf). Your account must be viewed and managed only by you, and in relation with the proper Account management by Stanleybet staff. Should you lose or forget your Account username and/or password, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] to request a replacement. All transactions carried out in relation to your account subsequent to the correct introduction of your Account username and password will be considered valid, regardless whether they were authorized by you or not, and we are not responsible for any disclosure or loss of your Account username or password, except if this resulted from our negligence.




It is strictly prohibited for you to act as following (and thus you undertake to not perform such actions) ("Prohibited Behavior"):

  • Participation or attempt to enter any form of conspiracy with any other player or on the Website;

  • Use or attempt to use unfair external acts (e.g. cheating) when using the Services;

  • Participation or attempt to participate in any kind of money laundering or similar offenses in connection with the Website;

  • Use or attempt to use, clone or obtain by any other means unauthorized funds in order to use the Services, or performance of fraudulent, improper or unfair acts for the use of Services (including but not limited to unfair advantages or shortcuts, errors or faults on the Website).


The Company has a zero tolerance policy in regards to Prohibited Behavior. If you are discovered as being guilty of Prohibited Behavior or if you know you have been guilty of Prohibited Behavior in relation to any other person, the Company reserves the right to suspend and/or close your Account and disclose this information (together with your identity) to other online gambling websites, banks, credit card companies and state authorities.



We are involved in the detection and prevention of software designed to create AI for use on the Website, such as but not limited to opponent profile, player convenience, cheating software or anything else that may be considered as allowing you to have an unfair advantage as compared to the other players. You acknowledge that the Company will take measures to detect and prevent the use of this type of software and AI, using methods including but not limited to taking screen shots or reading the list of software running on a player's computer, and you agree to not use any IA software and/or any such software.



In order to maintain a level of security and integrity of the Website, we reserve the right to perform security checks at any time in order to validate the identity, age and other registration data that you provided, and to check that the use of the Services and your financial transactions are fully compliant with the Terms and the applicable law. Therefore, you authorize us and those acting on our behalf to perform all the required investigations related to you, and for us to use and disclose to any third party that we see fit, for validation purposes, the information provided by you pursuant to the Terms, including but not limited to ordering a credit report and/or checking the information against third party databases. Moreover, in order to facilitate security checks, you agree to provide such information or documentation when we request it, in a reasonable manner.



You have the right to close your Account and terminate the Terms at any point, by sending an e-mail notifying your wish to close your Account at [email protected] After this, we will proceed to closing your Account as soon as practicable (and any funds shall be returned according to the provisions of section 5), and we will notify you by e-mail as soon as we have closed it.

We reserve the right to close your Account (returning any funds deposited and owed) and cancel the Terms at any time, with immediate application by e-mail notification. The cancellation of the Terms will not affect the debt undertaken before cancellation or any rights and obligations that are clearly the intended to survive any cancellation. We will have the right to suspend your use of the Account until the completion of any investigation for prior-mentioned issues.



You hereby acknowledge that accessing the Website, downloading software from the website and using the Services are all your choice, made according to your discretion and on your risk. We do not take responsibility for any faults in the operation of the computer or for your attempts to access, download or use (as the case may be) our Website, the software downloaded from our Website or our Services in any way which is not provided in the Terms.


Comments and other materials published or posted on the Website are not intended as recommendations on which you may base your decisions. Therefore, we do not take responsibility or accept obligations arising from any decision based on such materials taken by a visitor of the Website or another person who was informed in regards to the contents of the Website.


The Website, the software downloaded from it and the use of the Services are provided to you "as is" with our help, using our skills and care to ensure constant uninterrupted provision, but are not subjected to any guarantee, either express or implicit, including but not limited to suggested warranties or trade conditions, conditions of satisfactory quality, suitability for a certain purpose or non-infringement of laws and applicable regulations. We do not guarantee that the functions of the Website, the software downloaded from the Website or the Services will meet your requirements, or that these operations are interrupted at a certain point, that they will be secure or error-free.


We will not be responsible under any circumstances for any faults of the software downloaded from our Website, for any bugs or viruses that result in the loss of data or any other damages caused to the components of your computer or other software.


With the exception of the conditions regarding the crediting of money and withdrawal of money from/to your Account, our maximum liability to you or to a third party arising from the Terms or from the access or use of the Website, of software downloaded from the Website or of the Services, or for failure to meet the provisions of the Agreement, offense or similar, is limited to €1,000.


We or any other company providing you Services on our behalf according to the Terms do not take responsibility before you or before any third party from the Agreement for any damages or direct losses, subsequent or exemplary, or for any loss of data, profit, income, business, opportunity or goodwill, reputation or interruption of business that may arise from the infringement of the Terms or from your access to and use of the Website, downloaded software and Services.


Nothing from the contents of the Terms herein excludes or limits our liability in case of death or injury resulted from our negligence or caused by any person acting on our behalf.


  1. LINKS

Any links to third party websites on our Website are provided solely for your comfort. If you access these links, you leave our Website. We have not reviewed all these third party websites, we do not control them and are not responsible for them, their content or availability. For these reasons we do not recommend them and we do not support their representation or that of any material found there, or any result that may be achieved subsequent to the use thereof. Should you decide to use any of the websites linked on ours, you take all the connected risks. You cannot link to our Website without our prior written agreement.





Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms, we assure you that all Client Information and any private data that may be posted on the Website or provided by us otherwise is treated with utmost confidentiality, within the parameters of all the applicable data protection laws (for full details on how we manage Client Information, please visit "Private Data Protection" on the Website). We will deviate from it only if forced by law or if we choose to do so as a result of or pursuant to section 15 above. For the avoidance of any doubt, by accepting these Terms you agree to the processing of Confidential Information and other private data pursuant to the above-mentioned policy within the "Private Data Protection" section on the Website.



In order to fight against money laundering, you will not deposit into your Account any funds obtained by illegal means and, in addition to the verification of your identity pursuant to the registration procedure described in 4, we will revise and monitor all the transactions related to your Account and we will report any suspicious activity to relevant authorities. If we have any reasons to believe that your Account may be used in relation to money laundering activities, we will suspend your activities until the result of any investigation, and subsequently (according to the result of this investigation) we may close your Account (in which case you renounce any winnings made on the Website, as well as any funds deposited into your Account, and we will seek to recover from you, including by compensation, any loss suffered due to your infringement of the Terms). More precisely, we will not make any payment into or from your account unless and after all the Client Information has been provided and properly checked and we are convinced that it is true, complete and accurate. Pursuant to the anti-money laundering checks mentioned above, we undertake to:


  • Limit the collections and the use of information about you to the minimum that we need in order to provide superior services;

  • Allow solely authorized staff, trained in regards to the operation of client information, to have access to your Client Information;

  • Maintain control on the confidentiality of Client Information, pursuant to section 21 above.

Lastly, please know that once money was deposited into your account, you are entitled to make withdrawals only in the limit of the amounts that you used to place bets on the Website at least once and the additional winnings obtained by the use of these funds for gambling.



The applicable law may request that this information or communications that we send are made in writing. When you use the Website, you accept the fact that communication with us will be mostly electronic. We will contact you by e-mail or provide information by posting it on the Website. For contractual purposes, you agree with such electronic means of communication in order to conclude the Agreements that you signed with us based on the Terms (and thus waiving any applicable rights or requirements that would require a handwritten signature, as allowed by any applicable law) and you acknowledge the fact that all contacts, notifications, information and other communications that we provide electronically are pursuant to any legal requirements according to which such communications must be made in writing. This condition does not affect your statutory rights.



Should you be affected in your use of the Website by any:

  • technical or administrative fault of any Services;

  • Any event of which any of the Services depends is cancelled, delayed significantly or interrupted significantly, and/or

  • Any event of which any of the Services depends is affected by any Prohibitive Behavior,

  • and you are not at fault for any of such fact, we will cancel any bet or game in which you entered and we will return the funds invested in such event to your Account (on the condition that we will suspend any such return until the completion of any required investigation). If the technical, administrative fault or any event determined your engagement or continuation of any bet or game on the Website (in circumstances in which it is clear for anybody that it would not have happened save for that error), then no funds shall be returned and you will renounce or pay, as the case may be, any winnings resulted from this (your Account will be immediately closed, without other considerations for the right to recover funds from you).

In case of connection errors or faults during casino-type games, the following will be observed:

  • In case of loss of the Internet connection with our servers after the bet was placed and received by our servers, the bet is accepted and the stake continues to take part in the game. You can see the results of your game once your connection is reestablished. Any winnings resulted from such games are credited to your Account.

  • In the case of electronic Blackjack games (online), after the reestablishment of your connection the system will allow the continuation of the game starting with the time of the interruption;

  • In case of any fault in the system before a result is determined, all the accepted bets will be considered null and returned to your Account.



You fully accept and fully agree that a random number generating software will determine the shuffling and distribution of the cards and any other random events required by casino games.


Should there be any discrepancies between a result displayed on your screen and our server, the result that appears on our server will govern the result of the relevant game. Moreover, you understand and agree (notwithstanding other rights and resolutions) that our records represent the final authority for determining the terms of your use of any part of the Services, the activities resulting thereof and the circumstances in which they appeared.

If you have a complaint regarding our services or any other problem, please contact us first by e-mail sent to [email protected]. If, after you have contacted us, you are still dissatisfied, please contact ONJN at the following post address: 9 Calea Victoriei Street, Sector 3, Bucharest, code 030022; you can find more information regarding the ONJN on http://onjn.gov.ro. We will immediately investigate any complaint sent to us or to ONJN in regards to your Account and we will provide you or ONJN (as the case may be) all the information we have or which they reasonably request as part of your complaint. We will notify you or ONJN (as the case may be) of the results of your complaint within fourteen (14) days from the notification of your complaint to us. In order to comply with the above-mentioned investigation and reporting obligations, please ensure that you or the ONJN (as the case may be) provide, when notifying your complaint, clear and unequivocal information on your identity and all the relevant details that bought about your complaint, since a failure to do so may prevent or hinder the investigation, and in this case we will not be responsible for the results of this inaction or delay.



All the notifications sent to us must be sent by e-mail to [email protected]. We may send you notifications by e-mail either at the post address provided by you as part of the registration process (and updated by you whenever applicable). The notification is considered received and properly settled twenty-four (24) hours after the e-mail was sent, or three (3) days after the letter was posted. As a proof of the notification it is enough to prove, for letters, that the letter was correctly addressed, stamped and posted, and for e-mails, that the e-mail was sent to the receiver's specified e-mail address. If you wish to make a complaint about any part of the Service, you must notify it to us by providing all details related to the dispute within fourteen (14) days from the incident.





You cannot transfer, assign, tax or dispute in any way any or all of the Terms, r any of your rights and obligations pursuant to the Terms, without our prior written agreement.



We will not be held liable for any non-performance or late performance of any obligation pursuant to the Terms if caused by events beyond our reasonable control ("Force Majeure Event"). Our performance according to the Terms is considered suspended on the duration of the Force Majeure event. If the event continues, we will have an expansion for the duration of the event. We will use the means available to us in order to bring the Force Majeure event to an end or find a solution by which our obligations, according to the Terms, may be performed in spite of the Force Majeure. A Force Majeure event includes any act, event, failure, omission or accident beyond our control, especially (but not limited to) the following:

  • Strikes, blockages or any industrial actions,

  • Civil rebellion, public disorder, invasion, terrorist attack or threat, war (declared or not), threat or preparation for war;

  • Fire, explosion, flood, earthquake, landslide, epidemic or any other natural disaster;

  • Impossibility to use railroads, ships, planes, motorized transport or any other public or private means of transport;

  • Impossibility to use the public or private telecommunication network;

  • Acts, decrees, laws, regulations or restrictions of any government.



If at any point we do not insist in regards to the strict performance of any of the obligations as per the Terms, if we do not exercise a certain right or remedy to which we are entitled according to the Terms, this does not represent a waiver of these rights and does not release you from your obligation to perform. A waiver by us to any right does not represent a waiver to any other right. No waiver in regards to the Terms is effective unless it is expressed as a waiver and notified in writing, pursuant to the provisions of section 26 above.



If any of the Terms is determined by any authorities as invalid, illegal or unenforceable to whatever extent, this term, condition or provision will be separated from the other terms, conditions or provisions that will continue to be valid to the extent required by the law.



The Terms herein represent the entire Agreement between us and prevail before any prior agreements, understandings or contracts related to the Website and the Services. Each of us recognizes the fact that, by applying these terms, neither of us is based on any statement, representation, assurance or guarantee ("Representation") of any person other than what is expressly established and provided by the Terms, whenever applicable. Each of us agrees with the fact that the only rights or remedies available to us in relation to the Representation will be an infringement of the Agreement, as provided by the Terms. Nothing in this section and these Terms excludes or limits liability for fraud.



We have the right to review or amend the Terms whenever necessary, at our own discretion, but this will reflect to a large extent the amendments of the market conditions that influence our business, changes in technology, payment methods, amendments of relevant law and the capabilities of our system. We will always notify ONJN and yourself (by sending you an e-mail to the address you provided as part of the Client Information) before the enforcement of any revision or amendment of the Terms. A copy of the updated Terms will be always included on the Website under "Terms" and therefore please check it whenever you visit the Website. In the bottom part of the document you can see the last date when the Terms were amended. If you find any such review or amendment unacceptable, the only way forward is to close your Account and terminate the Terms. Continuation of use of any part of the Website or Services after the effective date of the updated Terms will be considered an acceptance thereof.




The relationship between us and you and any other persons we employ for the delivery of the Website and the Services will not be construed at any time as a partnership, trust arrangement, joint venture, agency or legal relationship of any kind.



Although the terms have been translated into several other languages in order to help the users of the Website and they officially reflect the same principles, the Terms are originally written in Romanian and thus, in case of any nonconformity, ambiguity or conflict between the Romanian translation of the Terms and any other language in which the Terms have been translated, the Romanian version shall prevail The same thing applies to the rules and regulations covering the various games provided by the Website, as well as the rules related to bonus schemes and conditions.



The terms and any dispute or claim arising in relation thereof, the subject or formulation thereof (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be governed by the Romanian law. Any dispute or claim arising from the connection with the Terms or the formulation thereof (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be subjected solely to the jurisdiction of Romanian courts (except cases where jurisdiction is not exclusive).


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