Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions of use of the Stanleybet.ro remote gambling platform (hereinafter the “website”).

Important – please read the terms and conditions of use carefully, print and keep this document for future reference, this also applying for all transactions and confirmation emails, game rules and payment methods relevant for the use of the website. By using and continuing to use the website (including, but not limited to marking boxes like “yes/ I agree” that may be present on the website occasionally), you confirm and is deemed to have read and fully understood the terms and the conditions of use and that you express your agreement to observe thereof in full. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of use, please leave this website immediately.

The terms and conditions of use are subject to change (as set out below) and will only be accessible through the website.


References to the terms and conditions of use (hereinafter the “terms”) throughout this document will include:

• The terms and conditions contained in this document;

• Any individual rules applicable to the games and bets present on the website and which are posted by us occasionally on the website, including guidance in cases of special events on the dedicated infor-mation pages (hereinafter the “rules”);

• Any specific terms and conditions applicable to any bonus, promotion or other offer made or related to the website, occasionally;

• The terms and conditions applicable to the separate privacy policy in the “data protection” section of the website;

• Any changes made by us, occasionally, to those mentioned above.

The website is managed by SC MEGABET INTERNATIONAL, licensed by the regulator responsible for gambling activities in Romania, namely the National Gambling Office [in Romanian: Oficiul National pentru Jocuri de Noroc] (hereinafter “ONJN”) to organize and operate the games and bets offered on and through the website (hereinafter the “services”).

By registering on the website, in accordance with section 5 below, by continuing to access the website and use the subsequent services, you agree to the terms and, consequently, you conclude a legal contract with the company, whose clauses are represented by the provisions of the Terms and Conditions. Therefore, you take note that in case of non-compliance with the terms, you may be subject to disqualification from the website, suspension and/or closing of any customer account open by you on the website, in accordance with section 5 below (the “account”), this being equivalent to the termination of the contract concluded. In the case of any conflict between the terms and any other document noted above, the terms will apply, unless this section is specifically disregarded in another document.


You can only register on the Website if (and consequently you will guarantee before us that):

• You are at least 18 years of age and at least the age at which it is legal, in the country where you re-side, to access the Website and use the Services;

• You are legally able to conclude a contract;

• It is legal for you to use the Services in the country where you reside or to access the Website and, without prejudice to the above, you are not a resident and/or you do not access the Website from the United States of America or any territories where the federal law of the United States of America applies, France or any French territory where the French law applies, Turkey, Hong Kong, Afghani-stan, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Syria or Yemen (we do not have permission to register an Account with respect to any person residing in any of the above mentioned jurisdictions and we will not allow access to the Website, as far as we can, from such jurisdictions);

You agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding the use of the Services. You fully understand and accept that the Company cannot provide you with any recommendation regarding the above and it is your sole responsibility to ensure that all laws governing you are permanently complied with and that it is legal for you to use the Services. Any use of the Services is exclusively at your choice, discretion and risk, therefore the Website does not constitute an offer, invitation or request from us to use the Services in any jurisdiction in which this is illegal. We hereby reserve the right to request, as we will reasonably consider, such proof of residence from you to ensure your compliance with the foregoing.


The services are intended for your personal entertainment and non-professional use. Any other use of the Services is strictly forbidden. By registering on the Website in accordance with section 4, you may only access games and tournaments such as “gamble” or “demo game”.

You will be required to deposit a sum of money before you can gamble.

At our absolute discretion, we may change the Website and Services at any time (including, but not limited to, changes to the terms and/or odds of betting and games of chance) provided that such actions do not affect ongoing gambling and provided that such changes will only be made after their approval by the Supervisory Committee of ONJN.

At our absolute discretion, we will be entitled either to refuse to open an Account or to close it at any time (subject to the remittance of any funds deposited by you and subject to other provisions of these Terms) and we will also be entitled, at our absolute discretion, to deny access or limit the amount of money bet on, or through the Website.

The organizer can cancel the winnings and close the game account if there are suspicions that a game account is used for illegal, fraudulent or dishonest practices.

Occasionally, we may restrict your access to or to a part of the Website, for reasons of maintenance or modification thereof.

Although we do our best to ensure the accuracy of the Website, its updating and error elimination, we cannot guarantee this aspect. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that the Website will be suitable for any purpose. Any trust granted to the information on this Website will be granted at your own risk.

Thus, any information found within the website, including statistics related to the events included in the LIVE offer, is for information purposes, the player having the obligation to verify the information from external sources.

Any content is provided solely for the purpose of your general information and to inform you about us, our products and news, features, services and other websites that may be of interest. It does not constitute technical, financial or legal guidance or any other type of guidance and should not be considered as basis for any purpose whatsoever. We may change or update the information on this Website, under the legal conditions, without any notification.

We try to make sure that the Website is available for your use, but there may be times when the Website is unavailable or interrupted during its use, which we apologize for. Please be aware that we may suspend or terminate operations on this Website at any time we deem necessary.

Once the bet is placed on the Website, it can no longer be changed, withdrawn or canceled by you.

We reserve the right at our discretion, to cancel an event and to limit/ refuse/ cancel any bets in your Account, if there are problems with the data used to manage an event or other technical difficulties affecting the event.

In these circumstances, we assume no responsibility for your inability to place appropriate bets on the Website.

Where your Account has been blocked/ closed/ excluded or for any queries you have regarding the website and/or your Account, you can contact customer service at the address [email protected], which, among other things, it may help you recover any funds in your Account.


To fully access the website and use the Services, you will initially need to personally register for an Account by choosing a unique name and password for the Account, entering other information we request for the registration form such as (but not limited to) surname and first name, residence address, valid email address, date of birth, telephone number, Personal Identification Number/ Tax Identification Number if you have a tax residence in Romania, as well as providing other information and documentation proofs, as may be required by us to check the identity, tax residence and residence address (including, but not limited to, a copy of the passport, of the driver’s license and/or of the identity card, work permit and a recent bank statement and/or utility bill).

The procedure for checking the data provided and the identity is called “KYC Procedure” and is mandatory to be completed within a maximum of 30 days from the first deposit. If you do not complete the KYC procedure within the time limit established by law, your account will be closed and any funds existing in the account will be remitted to the state budget.

Within the KYC procedure, as appropriate, and at the Organizer’s discretion, you may be required to provide identity documents, proof of address, bank statements, utility bills, source of funds, statements as well as any other document or procedure considered necessary in order to remove any doubt about the identity of the game account user. Verification documents can be performed during the entire period when you carry out activity on the platform. The organizer reserves the right to suspend a game account during the necessary checks.

Required documents obtained from third parties such as, but not limited to, bank statements, utility bills, etc. will be delivered by the account holder within 5 working days. At the end of the term, to the extent that the documents were not transmitted in an acceptable format and the other means of verification of the identity were exhausted and/or inconclusive, MEGABET INTERNATIONAL reserves the right not to validate the game account and to close it. The deadline will be calculated starting with the first day after the request is sent by the Organizer.

“Customer Information” will include any other personal information that you will provide us from time to time. You agree to only provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information and you consent to update such information as necessary in order to maintain them accurate, complete and up-to-date. You can confirm or modify any details you have submitted during the registration process, and those that are incorrect will be notified to us for rectification at the email address [email protected]. If you do not want Customer Information to be used by us, our business partners and affiliates, to contact you for marketing purposes related to any goods and services provided by any of them, please submit the appropriate notifications as part of the registration process or alternatively you can change these options from the game account or you will notify us by e-mail at the address [email protected].

MEGABET INTERNATIONAL has the right to select its customers and to refuse opening an account as it sees fit.



In order to place a bet or to perform any gambling activity on the website in “real money” mode, you must deposit funds into your Account.

You may only deposit funds in your Account through one of the deposit methods accepted by us and in accordance with these Terms. Otherwise, we reserve the right to treat any deposit in the Account as invalid and any gains arising from such invalid deposits as void.

The game account can only be replenished through a payment instrument issued in the name of the game account holder, except for the replenishments made through the betting agencies.

We will apply no fee for depositing funds in your Account, except for the ones regulated by the applicable Legislation. Also, please take note that some banks, financial institutions or payment service providers may charge you and as a result you must have such fees before making a deposit.

The funds deposited in your Account will normally be available once the bank, financial institution or payment service provider authorizes the chosen amount. Authorization is most often instant, but you have to consider that the payment methods such as “bank transfer” have a longer processing time of funds.

The funds deposited in your Account bear no interest because they are deposited as advance payments for the intended transactions on the Website.

The minimum amount you can deposit in your Account is RON 20.

You may only deposit funds to your Account for the sole purpose of placing bets on your behalf and for your benefit. The amounts with which they are deposited must be rolled over at least once before any withdrawal.

Also, in the case of replenishing your Account with cash, you must prove your identity by submitting the identity document (identity card or passport) in order to be checked against the details of your Account. MEGABET INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to suspend or close your Account if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have deposited funds without the intention of placing a bet. In these circumstances, MEGABET INTERNATIONAL will return the funds deposited by you after the due diligence requirements set out in section 23 have been fulfilled. Furthermore, MEGABET INTERNATIONAL may also report this to the competent authorities in accordance with the applicable law.

It is your responsibility to inform us immediately if funds have been credited to your account in violation of the Terms and, consequently, you will be responsible for any unearned bets made in your account, as a result of using the funds wrongly credited to your account and which are subsequently returned.

Please note that it is illegal to deposit funds from illegal sources into your account. If we have reason to believe that such a deposit has been or is being executed, we will refuse to accept it and either we will return the funds to you or we will inform the competent authorities with the application of the law. In this regard, MEGABET INTERNATIONAL may request documents to prove the source of funds, in accordance with the provisions of the anti-money laundering legislation.

All bank charges incurred as a result of this return, reversal or other cancellation will be deducted from your Account.

MEGABET INTERNATIONAL may at any time refuse to make financial transactions for depositing funds without providing additional reasons. If you are unable to make any deposits, please contact us.


Until a withdrawal request is made, the existing funds will remain in the game account balance. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn cannot exceed the balance existing in the actual balance of the game account. The withdrawal requests can be addressed through “My Account” section of the website.

To comply with the legal regulations against money laundering, where possible, withdrawals will be processed by the same method and in the same account initially used for depositing funds to your Account. If another withdrawal method is used, you must first make a deposit with that method and provide all the documents requested by us in order to verify the payment method chosen.

When the withdrawal of funds from your Account is made with cash, you must prove your identity by submitting the identity document (identity card or passport) in order to be checked against the details of your Account.

Where necessary, MEGABET INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to request additional information and documents from you in order to perform routine security checks and to authorize any alternative withdrawal method requested.

Such additional documents will include, inter alia, the following:

• Clear and eligible copy of the relevant card (front and back), only with the name on the card (where applicable) and the last four digits visible of the card. All other information on the card will be covered before sending this copy to us (otherwise, the copy will be immediately de-stroyed by us and you will be required to send another compliant copy).

• Copy of the bank statement indicating the relevant transaction.

• Proof of identity (if not provided).

Prior to receiving a withdrawal, the Accounts are subjected to regular security checks and audit procedures to prevent possible fraudulent actions.

If we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have violated the Terms, including, but not limited to, illegal claiming of bonuses, MEGABET INTERNATIONAL is entitled to suspend the game accounts involved and to seize the funds from the game account in order to cover the damages.

In accordance with the procedure established in the conditions and rules approved for conducting games of chance, we will make the payment to you no later than three (3) business days. In case there are suspicions, before transferring the winnings we are entitled to carry out, within ten (10) working days, the checks we consider necessary, after which we will make the payment or notify the competent bodies. If such an investigation requires more than ten (10) working days to be completed, you will be notified.

A small number of cards, including International Mastercard and Visa, do not allow us to pay funds back to the credit or debit card. Consequently, if you use one of these deposit cards you will be informed when you try to withdraw and we will provide an alternative payment method, which is available at that time on the gameworld.ro website.

As a result of the approval by the bank, financial institution or payment service provider, we will immediately debit or credit to you any transaction related to your Account and you may access immediately from your Account information related to the current balance, as well as all other transactions carried out regarding your Account during the previous 90 days, including winnings placed, refinancing, deposits, completions, bonuses and withdrawals (regardless of whether the transactions/bets have already been determined or are pending).

You can also refer to the “Deposit/withdrawal FAQ page” for any questions you may have regarding the deposit and withdrawal procedure to/from your Account.


Occasionally, we will offer bonuses as part of the promotional/ marketing campaign.

More details about each bonus scheme will be published on the Website as they are introduced. Bonuses can only be withdrawn if the bonus conditions are met.

Bonus conditions usually require bonuses be rolled over a number of times, as detailed in the terms and conditions of the specific offer.

If, a sum is credited in the Player Account as part of a promotion, the Player may only use the amount to place bets on the website. The Player is not allowed to withdraw his money, unless the rules of the promotion so provide. We reserve the right to take back these amounts, if the Player does not use them to place one or several bets on websites during the period specified in the promotion.

All bonuses issued by us may only be used for the games and may not be transferred or paid unless the relevant bonus conditions are met.

All bonuses have an expiration date. If the relevant bonus conditions are not met by the relevant expiration date, we reserve the right to cancel or debit the bonus from your Account as well as the winnings resulting from the bets placed with bonus amounts.

The terms and conditions of any bonus or promotion may provide that the bonus or promotion is restricted to specific criteria: such criteria may only include specific events. You will consider the restrictions (if any) provided for in the terms and conditions of any special promotion.

We reserve the right to offer a certain bonus to a particular customer or group of customers.

Deposits through electronic wallets are not eligible to request deposit bonuses, including the welcome offer or any other promotional code.

If a special event is canceled and the bets are void, that bet will not contribute to the fulfillment of the bonus requests. Players who abuse the bonus system by any means whatsoever may have the bonus revoked at our discretion. Finally, we reserve the right to make changes or finalize a bonus or a promotion when we deem it necessary.

Moreover, if any kind of bonus was offered by us to your Account, but was not used by you within 90 days as of this event, we reserve the right to recover that bonus and change your Account accordingly, without prior notification.

The types of bonuses offered can be in the form of:

• Bonus subject to circulation conditions;

• Bonus points – loyalty points;

• Free bets on certain events, minimum odds or special conditions;

• Odds multiplier depending on the number of events on a ticket;

• Increasing the odds/profit;

• Free spins;

• Betting insurance;

• Stake returns – loss.

In the case of stake returns – loss bonuses, the Organizer may decide to return the stakes or amounts played, in whole or in a certain percentage as a bonus whose roll over conditions may be different as provided in the specific terms and conditions.

Each type of bonus above will be defined and regulated by a specific regulation which will specify: the expiration conditions, the roll over conditions, the cancellation conditions, the granting conditions and any other specific conditions.

The granting of bonuses is restricted to an account holder except for the campaigns that explicitly specify that the bonus can be accessed several times by a player. At the same time, they are limited to a single user, IP address, computer device, family, residential address, telephone number, e-mail address and environments in which computers are used jointly (household, work place, etc.).

If a customer violates the provisions regarding the bonuses, MEGABET INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to close the game account/games accounts involved in the fraudulent action.


The name and other identity details you provide in connection with your Account must correspond to your legal and real name, as well as other identity details. You are strictly forbidden to have more than one (1) account on the Website and on any of the websites and distributed gambling platforms, you must operate that Account and use the Website solely for your own and for your benefit. You are not allowed to sell, buy or transfer an Account from or to (as appropriate) another person.

The obligation to use the account by the formally registered holder is a major one. The breach of this obligation is equivalent to a defective performance of the contract, with the legal consequence of closing of the game account and the retention of the amounts existing in its balance at that time, as damage caused to the gambling organizer.


If you are an employee, consultant or agent of the Company or one of the groups of companies, sellers or suppliers, you are not allowed to register on the website, to use directly or indirectly any of the Services (“Unauthorized Person”). At the same time, it is forbidden the registration on the website of the persons who have held in the past or currently hold the position of bookmaker within other gambling organizers or economic operators providing such services.


You hereby acknowledge that we or our suppliers are the license owner of all intellectual property rights on the Website (including, but not limited to copyright on the content of the Website and the trademark Stanleybet.ro, the logo of the Stanleybet.ro trademark and all the other trademarks, service marks and trade names we may use on the Website). These works are protected by copyright, other laws and treaties worldwide and all rights are thus reserved. You can only print a copy, you can download excerpts of any page from the Website for your personal references. You may not change the physical or digital copies of these materials you have printed or downloaded by other means and you must not use any illustration, photo, video, audio sequence or any graphic elements, apart from the accompanying text. You receive no other right from any intellectual property rights and you must not use thereof without our written permission.


If no transactions have been recorded on your Account for twelve (12) months, we will close your Account and return the balance from your Account to the same account from where the amounts were deposited, from the original account or if this is not possible (for example because that account no longer exists) and if we cannot contact you and arrange the remittance (by sending within 5 working days a notification to the email address you have provided to us as part of the Customer Information and we have not received from you the payment confirmation of the funds for one (1) year from the notification date) we will remit this balance to the state budget in accordance with the legal provisions.


We firmly believe in responsible betting and our duty in this regard. For more details on our responsible gambling policy, please refer to the “Responsible Gambling” section of the Website that we are committed to comply with. Our gambling policy sets out the complete details about how you can, at any time, by merely notify us, apply the limitation of the bet amounts, losses and deposits in relation to your Account, as well as the time you spend on the Account.

If the gambling organizer finds that a client shows clear signs of gambling addiction, it will proceed to closing the game account, and to the remittance of the amounts existing in its balance to the registered payment method, in accordance with the provisions of art. 10 paragraph (3) section (vi) of the GEO no. 77/2009.


In time, most people bet by their own means, for some people betting can become a problem. If you feel that you have a problem with betting, we, as the operator responsible for betting, offer you the possibility of “self-exclusion” from using the Services on the Account and the possibility of self-testing. For further details on this possibility, please access the “Responsible Gambling” section of the Website, which we undertake to comply with.


You will remain fully responsible for any material you choose to post or send in connection with any “chat” or similar facility available on the website and MEGABET INTERNATIONAL undertakes no liability for any misuse by you. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to post or send to the Website any material:

• Which represents a threat, defamation, obscenity, indecency, is seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, possibly instigating racial hatred, discrimination, scandal, is blasphemous, which violates in-timacy, trust, which can offend, create inconvenience or damage to our reputation or for those working for us.

• For which you did not obtain all the necessary licenses and/or approvals.

• Which constitutes or encourages behavior that can be considered criminal, which leads to civil liabil-ity or is against the law, namely conflicts with the rights of any third party, from any country in the world.

• Which can be technically harmful (including, but not limited to, computer viruses, logic bombs, Tro-jan horses, worms, harmful components, corrupt data, other malicious software or malicious data).

You are not allowed to misuse the Website (including, but not limited to hacking) and thus we reserve the right to monitor the use of the Website (including but not limited to any “chat” or similar facilities available on the Website). In connection with any “chat” or similar facilities available on the Website, you will be in line with the guide we publish periodically on this subject and will not submit personal information thereon, copies or other uses of personal information which others could publish on such facilities (we will be entitled to immediately remove such information without notification, but we will not be liable for it).

Any “chat” facility we provide to users of the Website to interact with each other, will be used in accordance with the provisions mentioned in this section 13, only by the users of the website as a way of personal entertainment (and not for business purpose) to interact with each other on a social basis. All “chat” conversations will be logged, recorded and monitored by us. Any such “chat” facility is offered at our discretion and as a result your personal access to such facilities may be restricted or the facility itself may be removed from the Website at any time (the most likely reason for such restrictions or removal would be the material or the persistent violation by some Website users of the provisions in this section. Without prejudice to the provisions mentioned in this section, when using any “chat” facility offered by the Website, you must permanently observe the following:

- Please be polite and courteous and do not offend (including, but not limited to, racist, misogynistic or offensive remarks or language that may be offensive or derogatory to a particular religion), do not be abusive, threatening or aggressive;

- Do not use the “chat” facility to send “spams” (e.g., unsolicited and unrequested information sent to multiple users) to other users of the Website or otherwise to wish to stop “chats” through “scrolling”.

- At no time should you seek to impress or personalize an agent, manager, employee of MEGABET INTERNATIONAL or another user of the Website;

- Do not post information on the website that personally identifies you or allows other users to do so (as this may be harmful or with illegal purpose to the others) and do not seek to converse separately (e.g.: other than through the “chat” facility of the Website) with other users of the website that you only know them through the website;

- Do not use the “chat” facility to conspire or seek to conspire, in relation to betting on the Website, with any other user of the website.

We will cooperate with any law or court decision enforcement authorities requesting or directing us to disclose the identity or location of any posting, any material contravention of section 14 and, without causing any harm, to report to the competent authorities any suspicious “chat” for further investigations.

Any breach of the above will result in the suspension and/or cancellation of the Account.


You agree to keep the Account’s name and password secret and confidential as well as other details related to the secrecy of your Account and accordingly, to not allow anyone else to know about it or its use (except our requirements or of those who work on behalf of us). Your Account should only be viewed and managed by you and in connection with the proper management of the Account by the MEGABET INTERNATIONAL personnel. If you misplace, forget or lose the name and/or password of your Account, then please contact us by email at [email protected] to request a replacement. All transactions performed in relation to your account, as a result of the correct entry of your Account name and password, will be considered valid whether or not they have been authorized by you and we will not be responsible for any disclosure or loss of your name or password of your account, unless this arose due to our negligence.


It is strictly forbidden for you to act as follows (and accordingly to undertake not to take such actions) (“Forbidden Behavior”), the following situations being considered as violations of the Terms and Conditions:

• Participation or seeking to enter into any form of conspiracy with any player or on the Website, in-cluding the association in order to guarantee the winnings (arbitrage schemes).

• Using or seeking to use unfair external facts (e.g. cheating) when using the Services.

• Participation or seeking to participate in any kind of money laundering or similar offenses related to the Website.

• Use or seeking to use, clone or other methods of unauthorized funds to use the Services or to act, seeking to act, fraudulently, inappropriately or unfairly for the use of the Services (including, but not limited to unfair advantages or shortcuts, errors or faults of the Website).

• If there is evidence of cheating or if there is evidence of a series of bets containing the same selec-tions which were placed by the same person or group of persons.

• If you are a professional player in any sport, competition or league where MEGABET INTERNATION-AL offers betting services.

• You are not qualified as a compulsive player in any register or database of excluded players.

• Each user of the services is fully responsible for the payment of all amounts owed to MEGABET IN-TERNATIONAL. You agree not to make or attempt to make any returns and/or to refuse or cancel any payment you have made and hereby you agree to reimburse MEGABET INTERNATIONAL for any returns, refusals or cancellations of payments you have made and any loss suffered by MEGABET IN-TERNATIONAL because of this. MEGABET INTERNATIONAL may, at its sole discretion, cease to pro-vide the services.

• If your game account is associated in any way with any existing account that has been closed for breach of the Terms and Conditions.

• If your game account is associated or connected with existing blocked game accounts, we are enti-tled to close your game account, regardless of the nature of this connection, as well as the registra-tion information provided in those game accounts.

• If the username contains, forms or suggests a term that may be considered insulting, immoral, of-fensive, vulgar, discriminatory (religion, sex, age, etc.) or with sexual references, MEGABET INTER-NATIONAL reserves the right to refuse to open or close the account, with prior notification.

The company has an intolerance policy towards the Forbidden Behavior. If you are found to have Forbidden Behavior or know that you have had Forbidden Behavior related to any other person, the Company reserves the right to suspend and/or close your Account and to distribute this information (together with your identity) to other online gambling websites, banks, credit card companies and appropriate agencies.

The violation of the obligations provided by the provisions of the Terms and Conditions is equivalent to the improper performance of the Contract, being sanctioned with closing the game account and retention of the amounts existing in its balance, at the time of closing.


We are involved in the detection and prevention of computer software that is designed to allow any artificial intelligence (“AI Software”) to play on the Website, but without limitation to the profile of opponent, player convenience, cheat software or anything else that can be considered as allowing you to have an unfair advantage over the other players. You acknowledge that the Company will take measures to detect and prevent the use of these types of software and AI software that use methods including, but not limited to, screen etching or reading the list of current software running on a player’s computer and you agree not to use any AI Software and/or any such software.


To maintain a level of security and integrity of the Website, we reserve the right to conduct security reviews at any time to validate the identity, age and other registration data you have provided, to verify that the use of both the Services and your financial transactions are in full compliance with the Terms and all applicable laws. As a result, you authorize us and those who act on our behalf to make all the necessary investigations regarding you and for us to use and disclose to any third party we consider necessary to validate the information provided by you in accordance with the Terms, including, but not limited to ordering a credit report, and/or in another case to verify the information with third party databases. In addition, in order to facilitate the security reviews, you agree to provide such information or documentation when we will reasonably require this.


You are entitled to close your Account and to terminate the Terms at any time by sending an email notifying us of your wish to close the Account to [email protected]. After that, we will proceed to closing the Account on the website as soon as this is practicable (with the mention of sending any funds to your Account in accordance with section 5) and we will notify you by email as soon as we have done so.

We reserve the right to close your Account (by returning any funds deposited and owed to you) and to cancel the Terms at any time, with immediate application by email notification. Cancellation of the Terms will not affect the debts that were assumed before cancellation or any rights and obligations that are clearly the result of their own nature, intended to also exist even after cancellation. We will be entitled to suspend the use of the account by you until the completion of any investigations for the aforementioned issues.


You are hereby informed that the access to the website, the download of software from the website and the use of services are your option, the discretion and the risk involved. We are not responsible for computer malfunctions, nor for any attempts by you to access, download or use (as appropriate) the Website, the software downloaded from the website or the services, in any way not provided in the Terms.

Comments and other materials published or posted on the Website are not intended as recommendations on which a decision from you may be based. Therefore, we do not accept the responsibility and obligations arising from any decision based on such materials from any visitor to the Website or who has been informed of the contents of the Website.

The Website, the software downloaded from the Website and the use of Services are provided to you “as such” with our help, using our skills and care to provide them constantly, but not subject to any warrantee, either express or implied including, but not limited to the warranties and suggested merchantability conditions, satisfactory quality, suitability for a certain purpose or non-violation of applicable laws and regulations. We do not guarantee that the functions contained by the Website, the software downloaded from the Website or the services will meet your requirements, nor that these operations will not be interrupted, at a given time, that they will be safe or error-free. We undertake no responsibility for any computer error of the central system of the organizer or a supplier thereof.

In no case will we be responsible for any malfunction of the software downloaded from the Website, bugs or viruses, resulting in the loss of data or any other damages of the components of your computer or software.

Except for those relating to crediting of money and withdrawal of money to/from your account, our maximum liability to you or a third party, which results from the Terms or the access and use of the Website, software downloaded from the Website and Services, either for non-compliance of the contract, offense or the like, will be limited to the amount of €1,000.

We or any other company that offers you services from us in accordance with the Terms, we undertake no liability to you or any third party in the contract, offense or the like, for the damage or indirect, consequential or punitive losses, but also any loss of data, profits, revenues, business, opportunity or goodwill, reputation or business interruption that may arise from violating the Terms or your access to and use of the Website, the software downloaded from the Website and Services.

Nothing contained in the Terms shall exclude or limit our liability for the death or personal injury arising as a result of negligence or from anyone acting on our behalf.


Any links to third party websites on the Website are provided solely for your convenience. If you use these links, you will leave the Website. We have not reviewed all these third party websites, we do not control them and we are not responsible for them, for their content or availability. That is why we do not recommend or support their representation or any material found there, or any result that can be obtained from their use. If you decide to access any of the websites related to the Website, you fully assume all risks. You may not create links to the Website without our prior written consent.


Without disregarding any other provision of these Terms, we assure you that all Customer Information and any personal data that may be posted on the Website or otherwise provided to us are treated with the strictest confidentiality and within the parameters of all applicable data protection laws (for full details on how we handle Customer Information please visit the “Personal Data Protection” section of the Website). We will only deviate therefrom if we are required by law to do so or choose to do so as a result of or in accordance with section 15 above. In order to avoid any doubt, by accepting these Terms you consent to the processing of Confidential Information and other personal data in accordance with the policy mentioned above within the “Personal Data Protection” section on the Website.


In order to combat money laundering, you will not deposit into the Account any funds obtained through illegal means and, besides verifying your identity in accordance with the registration procedure described in section 4, we will review and monitor all transactions that take place in relation to your Account and we will report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities. If we have indications to consider that your Account is used in connection with money laundering, we will suspend your activities until the result of any investigations and it is possible that later on (depending on the result of these investigations) we will close your Account (where you will waive any winnings made on the Website, as well as any funds deposited in your Account and we will seek to recover from you, including through compensation, any loss suffered as a result of the violation of the Terms by you). Specifically, we will make no payment to or from your account unless and after all Customer Information has been properly provided and verified and we are convinced that the above information is true, complete and accurate.

In accordance with the checks for money laundering mentioned above, we undertake to:

• Limit the receipts and use of your information about you to the minimum we need to deliver a supe-rior service.

• We only allow authorized personnel, who are trained in the operation of customer information, to have access to your Customer Information.

• We maintain control over the confidentiality of Customer Information, in accordance with section 21 above.

Finally, in this regard, we draw your attention to the fact that once the money has been deposited in your account, you are entitled to only make withdrawals within the limit of the amounts bet on the Website at least once from these funds and the additional gains obtained by playing the game of these funds.


Applicable law may require that such information or communications we send to you be in writing. When you use the Website, you agree that the method of communication with us will be primarily electronic. We will contact you by email or provide you with information by posting notifications on the Website. For contractual purposes, you agree to these electronic forms of communication to conclude the contracts you have signed with us on the basis of the Terms (waiving any applicable rights or requirements that would require a handwritten signature, within the limits allowed by any applicable law) and acknowledge that all contracts, notifications, information and other communications we provide electronically are in accordance with any legal requirement, according to which such communications must be in writing. This condition does not affect your statutory rights.


In case of interruption of the game for technical reasons that are not attributable to the participant, the player who placed a stake before the interruption has the possibility to continue the interrupted game. If this is not possible, the stake is returned to the player.

In case connection errors or malfunctions occur during casino games, the following will be observed:

• In case of losing the internet connection with our servers after the bet has been placed and received by our servers, the bet will be accepted and the stake will continue to play the game. You will be able to see the result of the game as soon as the connection is restored. Any gain obtained in such situa-tions will be credited to your Account.

• In the case of (virtual) Blackjack electronic games, after the connection is restored, the system will allow the game to continue from the time of interruption.

• In case of any malfunction of the systems before a result is determined, all bets accepted will be considered void and will be refunded to your Account.


You fully accept and fully agree that random number generator software will determine the mixing, dealing of cards and any other random events required in casino games.

If there is a discrepancy between a result displayed on your screen and our server, the result that appears on our server will govern the result of the relevant Game. Moreover, you understand and agree (without prejudice to other rights and resolutions) that our registrations will be the final authority for determining the terms of your use of any part of the Services, activity resulting from it and the circumstances in which they appeared.

If you have a complaint about our services or any other problem, please contact us in the first instance by email at [email protected]. If, after contacting us, you are still not satisfied, then contact O.N.J.N. at the following postal address: 9 Calea Victoriei, district 3, Bucharest, PO Box: 030022, and more information regarding O.N.J.N. can be found on its website http://onjn.gov.ro. We will immediately investigate any complaint made to us or O.N.J.N. regarding your Account and we will provide you or O.N.J.N. (as appropriate) all information we have or to be reasonably requested by them as part of your complaint. We will notify you or O.N.J.N. (as appropriate) of the results of the complaint within fourteen (14) days from the notification of your complaint to us. In order to comply with the investigation and reporting obligations mentioned above, please make sure that you or O.N.J.N. (as appropriate) provide us, upon notification of the complaint, with clear and unequivocal information about your identity and all relevant details that give rise to your complaint, because failure to do so may prevent or hinder the conduct of the investigation and we will not, under these circumstances, be responsible for the result of this lack of action or delay.


All notifications submitted by you must be made by email to [email protected]. We can send you notifications either by email or at the postal address provided by you as part of the registration process (updated by you as often as necessary). The notification will be deemed to have been properly received and resolved within twenty-four hours (24) after the email has been sent, or three (3) days from sending of any letter. In proving the notification service, it will be sufficient to prove, in case of a letter, that this letter was correctly addressed, stamped and placed in the mail and, in case of an email that such an email was sent to the specified email address of the recipient. If you wish to claim any part of the Service, you must notify us, by providing all the details related to the dispute, within fourteen (14) days from the incident that generated the dispute.


You may not transfer, assign, charge or dispute in any way, any part or all of the Terms or any of your rights or obligations arising out of the Terms, without our prior written consent.


We will not be liable for any non-performance or delay in the performance of any obligations in the Terms that are caused by events beyond our reasonable control (“Force Majeure Event”). Our performance, according to the Terms, is considered suspended during the Force Majeure. If the event continues, we will have an extension during this period. We will use our available means to complete the Force Majeure Event or to find a solution through which our obligations, under the Terms, may be carried out despite the Force Majeure Event. A Force Majeure event includes any act, event, non-occurrence, omission or accident, beyond our control and includes in particular (but not limited to) the following:

• Strikes, blockades or other industrial actions;

• Civil unrest, public disorder, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of attack, war (whether declared or not), threat or preparation of war;

• Fire, explosion, flood, earthquake, landslide, epidemic or other natural disasters;

• The impossibility to use the railway, ships, airplanes, motorized transport or other means of public or private transport;

• The impossibility to use the public or private telecommunication network;

• The acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government.


If we do not insist, at any time, on the strict performance of any of the obligations under the Terms, if we do not exercise a certain right or remedy to which we are entitled under the Terms, this will not constitute a waiver of these rights and will not release you of the obligation to be in accordance with such obligations. A waiver on our part of any right will not constitute a waiver of any other right. No waiver from us regarding the Terms will be effective unless expressed as a waiver and is communicated to you in writing, in accordance with section 26 above.


If any of the Terms is determined by any authority to be invalid, illegal or inapplicable to any extent, this term, condition or provision, will be separated from the other terms, conditions or provisions that will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.


The terms represent the entire contract between us and prevail over the previous contracts, understandings or agreements related to the Website and Services. Each of us acknowledges that, by applying these terms, none of us relies on any statement, representation, insurance or guarantee (“Representation”) of a person, other than that expressly set out in the Terms, as often as necessary. Each of us agrees that the only rights or remedies available to us, arising in connection with the Representation, will be a breach of the contract, as provided in the Terms. Nothing in this section and these Terms shall exclude or limit the liability for fraud.


We are entitled to revise or change the Terms whenever necessary, at our discretion, but this will largely reflect changes in market conditions that affect our business, changes in technology, changes in payment methods, changes in relevant laws and changes in the capabilities of our system. However, we will always notify O.N.J.N. and you (by sending an email to you at the email address you provided us as part of the Customer Information) before any revision or change of the Terms comes into effect. A copy of the updated Terms will always be contained in the link on the Website for the Terms and, as a result, it must always be verified every time you access the Website. – The last date when the amendments to the Terms were made will also be at the bottom of the document. If any such revision or change may not be accepted by you, the only way is to close your Account and cancel the Terms. Continuing to use any part of the Website or the Services after the date when the Terms entered into force will be considered as acceptance thereof.


The relationship between us and you, and any other persons who undertake, on our part, to deliver the Website and the Services, will not be considered at any time as a partnership, trust arrangement, joint venture, agency or legal relationship of any kind.


Although the terms have been translated into several languages to help the Website users and they officially reflect the same principles, the language of the Terms is Romanian and as a result, in the event of non-compliance, ambiguity or conflict between the Romanian translation of the Terms and any other language into which the Terms have been translated, the translation into Romanian will prevail. The same applies both to the rules and regulations of the different games offered on the Website, as well as to the rules related to bonus schemes and conditions.


The terms and any dispute or claim arising in connection therewith, their subject or formulation (including non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by the Romanian laws. Any dispute or claim arising out of the connection with the Terms or formulation thereof (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Romanian courts of justice (with the exception of applying where the jurisdiction will not be exclusive).

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