Deposits/withdrawals procedure


In order to place a bet or to carry out any gambling activity on the Site in "real money" mode, you must deposit the funds into your Account.

You may deposit funds into your Account only by one of the methods of deposit accepted by us and in accordance with these Terms. Otherwise, we reserve the right to treat any deposit in the Account as invalid and any winnings arising from such invalid deposits as void.

We will not apply any fee for depositing funds in your Account. However, please note that some banks, financial institutions or payment service providers may charge you and therefore you must have such commissions before making a deposit.

Funds deposited in your Account will normally be available once the bank, the financial institution or the payment service provider authorizes the amount chosen. Authorization usually is instant, but you must keep in mind that payment methods like "bank transfer" have a longer processing time.

Funds deposited in your Account do not bear any interest because they are deposited as advance payments for intentional transactions on the Site.

The minimum amount you can deposit in your Account is 20 lei.

You will only be able to deposit funds to your Account for the sole purpose of placing bets on your own behalf and for your own benefit. The amounts to which they are fed must be run at least once before any withdrawal.

Also, in the case of feeding your Account with cash, you must provide proof of your identity by presenting your identity card (identity card or passport) in order to be compared with the details of your Account. Stanleybet reserves the right to suspend or close your Account if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have deposited funds without the intention of placing a bet. Under these circumstances, Stanleybet will return the funds deposited by you after the due diligence requirements provided in section 23 have been met. Furthermore, Stanleybet may also report this to competent authorities in accordance with the applicable law.

It is your responsibility to inform us immediately if funds have been credited to your account by violating the Terms and, consequently, you will be responsible for any unravelled bets made to your account as a result of using funds wrongly credited to your account and which are subsequently returned.

Please note that it is illegal to deposit funds from illegal sources into your account. If we have reasons to believe that such a deposit has been or will be executed, we will refuse to accept it and either we will return the funds to you or we will inform the competent law enforcement authorities.

Any bank charges incurred as a result of this return, reversal or other cancellation will be deducted from your Account.

Stanleybet may at any time refuse to make financial transactions for depositing funds without providing additional reasons. If you fail to make deposits, please contact us.

You will only be able to deposit funds to your Account for the sole purpose of placing bets on your own behalf and for your own benefit. The amounts fed must be run at least once before any withdrawal.


In compliance with the provisions of the Terms, funds deposited or credited to your Account will remain in your Account unless you submit a withdrawal request (which will not exceed the balance that you are allowed to withdraw from the Account at the time of such request) they will be transferred using the deposit method used by you to deposit such funds into your Account. Requests for withdrawal can be addressed through the "My Account" section of the Website.

In order to comply with the legal regulations against money laundering, where possible, withdrawals will be processed using the same method and the same account initially used to deposit the funds to your Account. If another withdrawal method is used, you must first submit a deposit with that method and provide all the documents requested by us to check the payment method you have chosen.

When the withdrawal of funds from your Account is in cash, you must provide proof of your identity by presenting your identity card (identity card or passport) in order to be confronted to deal with the details of your Account.

Where necessary, Stanleybet reserves the right to request additional information and documentation from you in order to carry out routine security checks and to authorize any alternative withdrawal method requested.

Such additional documents will include:

  • a clear and eligible copy of the relevant card (front and back), only with the name on the card (where applicable) and the last four digits of the card visible. All other information on the card will be covered before sending this copy to us (otherwise, the copy will be immediately destroyed by us and you will be required to send another true copy).
  • a copy of the statement of account indicating the relevant transaction.
  • Proof of identity (if not provided). Prior to receiving a withdrawal, Accounts are subject to security checks and regular audit procedures to prevent possible fraudulent actions.

If we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have violated the Terms, including, but not limited to, the unlawful claim of bonuses, Stanleybet has the right to suspend the game accounts involved and to confiscate the funds in the game account to cover the damage.

In accordance with the procedure established under the terms and conditions approved for the conduct of gambling, we will make payment to you no later than three (3) business days. If there are suspicions, before transferring the earnings we have the right to make, within ten (10) days, the checks we deem necessary, after which we make the payment or notify the competent bodies. If such an investigation takes more than ten (10 days) to complete, you will be notified.

A small number of cards, including International Mastercard and Visa, do not allow us to pay back funds to the credit or debit card. Consequently, if you use one of these deposit cards you will be informed when you try to withdraw and we can facilitate your funds to be paid to a bank account of your choice (as a result of receiving the additional information and documentation mentioned above).

As a result of the approval of the bank, the financial institution, or payment service provider, we will debit or credit immediately to you any transaction relating to your Account and you will be able to access immediately from your Account information related to the current balance, as well as all other transactions carried out with respect to the Account during the previous 90 days, including winnings, refinancing, deposits, additions, bonuses and withdrawals (regardless of whether the transactions/bets were already determined or are pending).

You can also refer to the "Deposits/Withdrawals FAQs Page" for any questions you may have about the deposit and withdrawal procedure in/from your Account.


We accept Deposits and Withdrawals made through the following methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card issued by Visa in the name of the account holder
  • Credit or Debit Card issued by MasterCard in the name of the account holder
  • Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard Account in the name of the account holder
  • Cash in any Stanleybet agency


You should make deposits in your online account for the sole purpose of placing bets on your own behalf and on your own account. Consequently, in order to make a deposit by using a Debit Card, Credit Card or Online Payment Services, the name on the card or payment service must be the same as the Account name.

Stanleybet reserves the right to suspend or close your account if we have clear evidence of deposit making without any intention to place bets, or have used Online Payment Cards or Services that have a different name from the registered account holder.


All online transactions are transmitted using a secure Stanleybet server and our employees will not have access to CVV2 passwords or codes.


The CVV2 code is a three-digit number that provides additional security to confirm that the card number provided is true and the customer has the card in his/her possession. This technique is also known as CSC, CVN, CVC2, CVVC and is the last three digits located below the signature strip on the back of the card.


You can view all your transactions after you sign in, go to the My Account section and then select the Transactions option. To find the information you need more easily, you can sort your transactions by type or time.


Details of the minimum/maximum limits of deposits/withdrawals are those in the table below:

Method Description Execution Minimum (Lei) Maximum (Lei)
Visa / MasterCard Card Credit Instant 20 lei 20,000 lei
Visa Debit Card Debit Instant 20 lei 20,000 lei
Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard E-wallet Instant 20 lei 20,000 lei
In any Stanleybet agency Numerar Instant 20 lei 20,000 lei


Method Description Execution Minimum (Lei) Maximum (Lei)
Visa / MasterCard Card Credit 2-5 working days 20 lei 40,000 lei
Visa Debit Card Debit 2-5 working days 20 lei 40,000 lei
Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard E-wallet Instant 20 lei 40,000 lei
In any Stanleybet agency Cash After confirmation, in max. 48 h 20 lei 20,000 lei


Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode applies as an extra security service for online transactions.

As a result of the initial deposit, if the card issuer participates and you have not done so, you will be asked to sign up for Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode.

As part of this process, you will be asked to register a password.

This allows you to check each transaction and prevent unauthorized use of the card. For registration, just follow the instructions given by the bank. If you are already registered with Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode, all you have to do is enter the secret password when prompted.

Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode applies only to deposits.

If you forgot your password then you should contact the card issuer for direct assistance.


Stanleybet DO NOT charge fees for deposits or withdrawals. Please, however, pay attention to the fact that some card companies consider betting transactions to be "cash payments" and may apply various fees.


Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard is an international e-wallet in local currency where you can transfer money from your bank account, credit/debit card or other alternative payment methods.

You can deposit and withdraw funds from your Online Stanleybet account using Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard.


To deposit money through Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard, you first need to make a Skrill/Neteller/ PaySafeCard account (account is free and easy to complete). With Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard, you can make instant deposits to your Online Stanleybet Account. The process is fast and easy.

If you do not have a Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard account:

  • Go directly to the Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard website or follow the steps outlined in the "Deposit" section of the Online Stanley Platform.
  • Following the steps listed, you will sign up for your free Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard account and then you will be able to deposit by bank transfer, electronic transfer, or on the Debit/ Credit card.


After signing your deposits you can make them directly from the My Account, Deposits section.

Deposits can also be made in cash in any of Stanleybet's agencies


Deposits will usually be available from the moment the bank or other financial institution authorizes the amount you choose to deposit, and is usually marked with "SBR" on the statement of account.

Amounts deposited do not bear interest because they are deposited as an advance payment for future transactions on our site.

Cash deposits made in our agencies are credited immediately to the user's account.


In the case of the first deposit using this payment method, you will need to provide us with the following details:

  • Name of the Cardholder
  • Card Number
  • Issue date
  • Expiration date
  • Issue number
  • Code number CVV2

If you have previously made a card deposit and selected the "Save Details" option, you will see the card type, and the last 4 digits of the card. You can select this card or add another card.

If you choose to use a previously inserted card, you only need to enter the CVV2 code as the authentication method.


Through Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard you can make deposits to your Stanleybet Online Account by following these steps:

  • From your online Stanleybet account, the "Deposit" section selects as a Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard deposit method.
  • Enter the email address associated with your Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard account.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit and click on "deposit now".
  • complete the transaction, you will be directed to the secured Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard website.
  • You need to sign in to your Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard account using the login details used to register your account. The Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard email address must match your Online Stanleybet email address associated. Once you get there, you can select one of the available options to deposit.
  • After selecting the deposit method, follow the steps required to complete the deposit process in your Stanleybet Online Account.
  • After approval, the amounts deposited will be available in your Stanleybet Online account and you will receive an email notification to that effect.


Cash deposits in your Stanleybet account can be made by following the steps below:

  • Go to any of our agencies and inform your service provider that you want to make a cash deposit into your online account.
  • You will need to provide the operator with the identity document you used to open/activate your online account: either your ID card or your passport.
  • If you have not made a cash deposit to that agency or if you have previously deposited with another Stanleybet agency, there is the possibility of a delay in processing your deposit request because it takes a while to connect your online account to the agency you want make your deposit. Once your online account has been associated with the agency, any subsequent cash deposit in the agency will be made much faster.
  • The service operator will provide you with a printed receipt containing the details of the transaction and will ask you to sign it to confirm the amount you wish to deposit and he will sign to confirm the receipt of the amount.


Withdrawals can only be made from My Account, Withdrawals section.

According to the "Terms and Conditions", the amounts deposited or credited will remain in the Account if you do not submit an online withdrawal request (which must not exceed the allowed withdrawal balance at that time) to be transferred to the method you used to deposit.

When not possible, Stanleybet reserves the right to request additional information or documentation, as specified in point 5.2 of the Terms and Conditions, to perform the necessary security checks and to authorize any alternative withdrawal method required.

You must keep in mind that up to 2 online withdrawals per day are allowed.


It usually takes between 2 and 5 working days until withdrawn amounts reach your bank account, but sometimes it may take longer depending on your bank.

Cash withdrawal requests from a Stanleybet agency are confirmed within 1-2 business days. After receiving your email confirmation, you have 48 hours to get to the agency associated with your online money-raising account.

Requests for withdrawal will be considered only after the customer's identity has been fully verified. We can request a copy of the card with the name of the holder with only the last 4 digits visible. All other information on the card must be covered before the copy is sent, otherwise we will destroy it and request a new copy.


You can cancel your withdrawal by going to the "Withdrawals" section of My Account, as your withdrawal request has not been processed for payment. Annulment can normally take place on the same day as your withdrawal request. The amounts of the cancelled withdrawal will be returned to your account.


By accessing the "Withdrawals" section of "My Account" you will receive a notification requesting you to register a new card. Any transaction to the card will be subject to the Terms and Conditions. According to them, additional information and documents will be required before any alternative withdrawal method is authorized as provided in section 5.2. of the Terms and Conditions.


In such cases, you must immediately contact the card issuer and inform him/her about this. The lost card will be cancelled to prevent any use and a replacement card will be issued. It can then be registered in My Account. All amounts requested to be withdrawn will be processed back to the previously registered card.

When not possible, Stanleybet reserves the right to request additional information or documents as provided in section 5.2. of the Terms and Conditions in order to be able to perform security checks and to authorize any alternative withdrawal method requested.


In order to be able to do so, you must have at least one deposit made on that card. You need to keep in mind that it is possible to be subject to additional security checks that this withdrawal is made.


By selecting this withdrawal method, the details of the card/cards used to make deposits, containing the last 4 digits of the other card number, will be visible for the selection. As part of the confirmation process, you will enter your User Name and password for your account.

When the request was processed, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of the transaction.


Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard withdrawals are only available after at least one deposit has been made using this service.

Note that withdrawals are credited automatically using the same payment method used for deposits.

To make a withdrawal through Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard, follow these steps:

  • After logging in to your Online Stanleybet account, go to the "My Account" section.
  • Select the "Withdrawal" option.
  • If you have made at least one previous deposit through Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard, it will appear in the list of options available for withdrawal so you have to select Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard by pressing the "Select" button.
  • Your Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard account already has memorized details. Please confirm that the details are correct and enter the desired withdrawal amount and then select the "Continue" option.
  • You will be asked if you agree with the details of the withdrawal and you must click on "Confirm Withdrawal" to complete your withdrawal request.
  • Within 24 hours of submitting the "Withdrawal Request", it will be processed and the amount requested for withdrawal will be credited to your Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard account as soon as the withdrawal has been processed.
  • Once the withdrawn amount is available in your Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard Account, you will be able to withdraw your desired amount back on your credit/debit card or directly on your bank account using the Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard platform.
  • You need to know that Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard withdrawals can be subject to additional security checks that could make your withdrawal take up to 24 hours.
  • In the case of Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard deposits, we will return all your balances available for withdrawals from your Stanleybet Online Account to your Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard account.

Note that all payments from and to the credit card are made through Skrill/Neteller/PaySafeCard, so any other requests should be addressed to them.


To make a cash withdrawal, your account must first be associated with a Stanleybet agency. If you've already made a cash deposit, you can also make a withdrawal from the same agency where you made the deposit. However, if you have not made a cash deposit or if you wish to make a withdrawal to another agency than the one you made the deposit, you must first contact our customer service via email or chat.

  • Log in to your Stanleybet online account and select "My Account"
  • Then select the retirement option
  • If you are eligible for a cash withdrawal, then this method will now be available to you.
  • Complete the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm.
  • Once the withdrawal is approved, a confirmation mail containing a withdrawal code will be sent to the email address associated with your account. Take a copy of this email (or just your passcode) and go to the Stanleybet agency associated with your account.
  • Inform the service operator that you want to make a cash withdrawal from your online account and the amount you wish to withdraw. If at that time the withdrawn amount is not available in the agency, the operator will inform you which options are available to make the withdrawal.
  • For cash withdrawals, you need to provide the service provider the identity card used to open/activate your online account: either your ID card or your passport.
    • The service operator will enter the withdrawal code received by email and the payment will be authorized.
    • The service operator will provide you with a printed receipt containing the details of the transaction. You will need to sign it to confirm the amount you wanted to withdraw, and you will need to sign in to confirm the amount you received.

If this process is not completed within 48 hours of cash withdrawal request, the submitted code will no longer be valid and the amount you requested to withdraw will be credited to your online account. The expiry date and time of the withdrawal code will be displayed in the email sent.


Due to anti-fraud rules of cards and money laundering regulations, where possible, withdrawals will only be paid after a deposit has already been made through that payment method.


The following fraud checks are completed for all deposit and withdrawal transactions by the Customer Service team, these checks are made to reduce the fraud risks and to prevent money laundering.


Client deposits will be continuously monitored and each transaction is evaluated separately for risk based on the payment method and player profile. The PSP fraud control system provides rules for fraud detection, generating fraud alerts against transactions to be made, to calculate a fraud score, and includes the ability to approve, refuse, or withhold transactions for manual check. The fraud control system currently carries over 40 controls (including aerial checks), which are grouped into the following categories:

  • Speed controls
  • Check list controls
  • Consistency checks
  • Payments specific to the card:
  • CSC or CVV (Card Security Code), check will be done on all deposit transactions.
  • 3D Secure heck (checked by Visa Security Code, MasterCard) will be performed on certain payment transactions.
  • Depending on the outcome of the checks carried out, a decision is made on the approval or refusal of the transaction:
  • Transaction accepted
  • If the application is accepted, the deposit credit will be deposited into the player's account.
  • Transaction rejected
  • If the deposit request is denied, the credit is returned to the player's financing account.


In order to withdraw funds, the player's identity must be fully verified.

Before processing a withdrawal request, the Customer Services team performs several checks on the player. Funds withdrawn will only be remitted to the account from which the funds originated. The three main withdrawal controls are:

  • The winning legitimacy and player's bet history
  • Checking the player's identity
  • Checking the player's account

Secondly, the control of the player's identity is made for each withdrawal transaction against the information provided by the payment processor. In order to complete the verification, the Customer Services team checks that the personal information provided to the payment processor (e.g. MoneyBookers) is unique to the player's account. In this case, player identification data are checked to ensure that the e-mail used for the game account is unique for each and every player.

If suspicious activities are detected on multiple accounts, the customer support team will suspend all accounts of the players involved and the funds in the accounts will be frozen until a complete investigation is completed.


Any suspicious fraudulent transactions will be reported to the competent or regulatory authorities, the Lottery & Gaming Authority, and FIAU, without delay. Customer Service is responsible for reporting suspicious transactions.